About the painter

Italian Artist inspired by Africa

Giolibo spent his childhood and adolescence in various West African countries, under the palm trees and in the shade of beautiful tropical forests.

The magic of the savannah, the diversity of the people and their customs, the richness of local artists – woodworkers, sculptors and painters who exhibited in the small street markets – fueled his creative spirit. 

In the nineties, he studied illustration techniques in an art institute in Rome. This is where he met his mentor and renown artist, Amedeo Gigli, who showed him how to expand his artistic vision by sketching, drawing, painting and start all over again.

Driven by curiosity, Giolibo tried many styles and techniques, from basic pencils to pastels, from gouache to oils. He also explored different themes, from nature stills to technical props.

Today, Giolibo is working on his multi-faceted style. From abstract impressionism to colorful pop-art.

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